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Warning to everybody. Because this user: :iconpearldiver22: is randomly sending invitations to join to its group. "WeLoveItCute" :iconweloveitcute:

That users just wants people to get attention and be popular.
The bipolar leaves comments on your jobs saying they are "wonderful" secondly simply it BLOCKS YOU from its account and its group.
Why? Simply because is sick and bipolar. How crazy.

You can see by yourself that user was leaving comments and I was thanking. So, what happened, huh? No sense.……

After that that group and owner blocks you.
Avoid that fake people.
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About 80s-90s-and-Whatever

Do you remember the good old days of retro gaming and old-fashioned cartoons? Do you love old and new anime alike? Are you a huge fan of internet meme's through the ages? Do you love modern gaming and animation? Well then, this group is for you! Here at '80's 90's and Whatever' we love the characters we have experienced throughout our lives; whether they be old or new, cartoon or anime, video game or internet meme, this group is to pay tribute to them!

Here at 80s-90s-and-Whatever, we accept any and all art! This group is to promote and accept fanart for characters that we have viewed in high regard throughout our life (but OC's and non-character based pieces are welcome as well). While I'd prefer to keep a child friendly air, we will accept more mature art so long as it abides by the rules.


1. We accept any and everyone. (Submissions are not a necessity, but they are completely welcomed)

2. Heated arguements (while fun) should be kept out of comments and left in PM's/notes.

3. We accept all art (including the more mature kind) so long as it is submitted to the correct folder. If you have questions about which folder is *correct* for your piece, please message me [link] and I will respond asap. If you do not submit to the correct folder, your piece will be moved to the correct folder.

4. If a folder is full, kindly tell us on our page.

5. There is no limit to the amount you can submit, but try to be tasteful. Don't spam a particular folder.

**As the featured folder is meant to represent the group and what we stand for as a whole, I am making normal members unable to submit to it. I will still cycle out pieces every so often, but overall it will keep the same theme (diversity). **

Gallery Folders

New Posta WIP Air by BeardBeyond
Kiki's Delivery Service--wicked version? by Shou-rei-on
Me Posta by BeardBeyond
Cute Creeper Family by kerske12
Adventure Time
Adventure Time by garnufiax
Finn by Baleizer
E3 52 by 71ADL17
The Grassy Land Of Ooo by Kiwi-Octopus
SkooBy So Trippy Dawg! -SkooB 7/26/17 by SkoobyForever
'' High '' Homie!..Ya Meen? -SkooB 7/26/17 by SkoobyForever
Of Course Homie Ya Meen? -SkooB 7/25/17 by SkoobyForever
Minnie an Mickey Mouse Dawg! -SkooB 7/25/17 by SkoobyForever
Cartoon Network
Beach Day (CN Edition) by thearist2013
group shot (CN edition) by thearist2013
Fetch Us Some Lyon Cloths (CN Edition) by thearist2013
You've truely earn these (CN edition) by thearist2013
Character Style Crossover
Oblation by Culu-Bluebeaver
Ed The Barbarian by vaness96
Mojo Jojo with a lightsaber by Culu-Bluebeaver
Teenage Tails and Cream by ToaJahli
Another day in TF2 by ToaJahli
Reboots by VictorHugo
Completely Original Characters
Necromancer. Commission. by Taiss14
Summoning Devil Alien Gemini by HEARTZMD
Snacking and studying by HEARTZMD
Time for some ice cream by HEARTZMD
Computer Based Games
Juri. Street fighter fanart. by Taiss14
Tails by lapitazuli

Mature Content

Izzy Bane is Ready (Doom.CAL) by Caluctor
LaH Maelstrom Stromling by SonicClone
RAVEN vs TERRA by AnyaUribe
Superman colored by johnbecaro
Willa Fitzgerald as Batgirl/Oracle by MZimmer1985
Into The Fire by kit-kit-kit
Deviantart 'Meme'
JayZeeTee's Top 10 Couples Rather Seen As Friends by JayZeeTee16
SuperMaster10's Favorite Cartoon Episodes by SuperMaster10
My Top 13 Naruto Characters by SteveAnime
Top 13 Characters I Hate but everyone loves by SteveAnime
Disney Movies
Two Goofs by Piotr31110
Disney Series
Beach Day! by P-Valley
Little Shop of Horrors - 60s cartoon style by EnvyQ00
Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Teenage Kanker by vaness96
Group Shots
Centaurgirl 1st Anniversary by SonicClone
Crash Yao Ming by ToaJahli
Internet Memes
Nostalgia Critic: The Emoji Movie (Version 2) by Tommypezmaster
Internet non-meme
Nostalgia Critic: The Emoji Movie by Tommypezmaster
Lego Related
Tahu by BeardBeyond
Live Action
Frodo and Gollum Birthday Wishes by KileyBeecher
Bowser's Minions vs BeanBean Kingdom enemies (1) by BeeWinter55
Jubilees! by ExMile
Episode 8 Jurassic Art Spittor 4 by GiuseppeDiRosso
Miyazaki Movies
I'll distract them by thearist2013
Commission: Pinkie Ventura by zelc-face
kiba :) by reiner55
You're Going to Pay For Those by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Spooky Graveyard by Endo-Chan
OCs Based on a Show or Game
.:Commission:. Lost!Chaser vs Error by CyaneWorks
Original Characters
Guadalupe Vs Eva 00 red corner by bx2000b
Other Cartoons
Teen Blossom by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Other Video Games

Mature Content

Bang! (NSFW version) by Taiss14

Mature Content

Dat Kiss by RachAsakawa
Pokemon - Makoto VS Misty by TheRisenChaos
Real Life-Related
UFC Fighters - 2 by Jose-Ramiro
Chimera by Sharidaken
Small Crossovers
Elsa Vs Magik by JINworks
WIP - Crash is Back (Not final title) by Mario9919
Yukkuri Reimu by BeardBeyond
Tiny Toons
Miku Hatsune by Gallerica
Youtube Poop
Michael Rosen by SonicClone
Toon Link by BeardBeyond


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BeardBeyond Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the additional information regarding this user.  I've reviewed it and decided a ban was in order.  The issue should now be resolved.  :)
DevilBoy638 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for spreading this around dude. :handshake:
APSFU Featured By Owner 2 days ago
np mate! We need to bring some justice around dA, as long as the admins are too busy
DevilBoy638 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, we do, indeed.
BeardBeyond Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've reviewed this information as well as various other facts involving this user and have concluded that their actions were ban worthy.  This issue has been resolved.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention. :)
CloudDG Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Thank ya so much for requesting my work! ^^
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